Question:  What does a 3D scan cost?

Answer:     It really depends on the size of the space.  Highlands 3D offers two packages.

The Premium 3D package includes all the features the Matterport Pro camera has to offer, delivering $280 of additional value  for only an extra $150. Saving you $130 and providing you with a complete digital marketing package.   You will receive the 3D tour and additional features such as a B&W floor plan, snapshots, highlight reel to guide visitors through the property, information tags to highlight property features embedded into the 3D tour, 360 views to showcase outdoor spaces. See an example of the Premium 3D tour including the additional features here. View an example of the B&W floor plan below.

Express 3D is our budget pack which provides you with a 3D tour of the property without the extras.  These additional features can be purchased separately. See an example of the Express 3D tour here.

For a full list of inclusions please contact us.

Question:  Is GST included?

Answer:     Yes.  All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

Question:  Can you create a 3D Tour for large spaces?

Answer:     Yes. Larger homes, venues and commercial spaces are custom sizes and we will provide you with a competitive quote once we've had an opportunity to walk through your space. Please .

Question:  What do I need to do to prepare my space for a 3D scan?

Answer:     The most important thing you can do is to prepare your space the way you would if someone was physically walking through it.  Our scans are that true to life that everything will be picked up in a scan.  Here's the main things you can do to prepare your space:

  • Tidy up and remove personal items
  • Close doors to areas you do not want scanned
  • If you have pets, keep them out of the rooms to be scanned as movement impacts the alignment of the camera's sensors.

Please remember that anything scanned cannot be edited out later and a re-scan of the area may be necessary, this may result in additional costs for you. 

Question:  Is Highlands 3D insured?

Answer: Yes.  Highlands 3D is fully insured to give you and your clients peace of mind.

Question:  What does the B&W floor plan provided with the Premium 3D pack look like?

Answer:   Here is an example of the B&W Floor plan. 

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